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  • Visit to a herb nursery

    Had an interesting day visiting the UK's largest herb nursery today.

    Apart from growing the herbs you buy ready cut in supermarkets they also produce potted herbs, i instantly thought of some of the problems user post on here.

    Apparently one of the mistakes people make is watering, the head grower said never water from the bottom by putting them in a saucer...the trick is little and often.

    Herbs are also haters of tap water and the ph is really important...they actually use nitric acid to raise the Ph.
    Rain water can also be too acidic.

    Chive plants we buy are from seed but the ones we buy precut are from bulbs ( the bulbs are from Germany).To get the best from them they need cutting well and at least two thirds down.

    Was well worth the visit.
    Mod with attitude!

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    That sounds really interesting, GL.
    Do they grow unusual herbs or just the supermarket types?
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      No just the stuff you get in supermarkets
      Mod with attitude!


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        Interesting - I think maybe my water is an issue for herbs. Thank you for sharing


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