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    So, I had some mint plants that were a little tired looking so I decided as I like mint tea anyway I'd have a go at drying my own tea today.

    What I discovered from the exercise was for a 2 ft square planter with a mature mint plant about 2ft tall, this creates about a 2" round tub of tea.

    Not much of a return for your plant but, it has certainly given me a new found appreciation for my peppermint tea especially now I've seen how much effort went into picking it, washing it and drying it.

    To be fair though if it's anything like my oolong, a 2" pot of it will last a reasonable amount of time as a teaspoon of that makes a decent pot of about 3-4 cups worth.

    I did take some photos along the way, but I'm too tired to put them up now.
    I'm only here cos I got on the wrong bus.

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