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  • Bluebells

    Im currently working on the garden and digging up alot of Bluebell bulbs many of which have plenty of leaves but no flowers as yet. I tried planting some into a flower pot but they dont seem to be very happy and the leaves are wilted. I have stored the rest in a bucket with a couple of inches of rain water in the bottom, these Bluebells seem very happy and healthy.

    Can they be happy in pots as I dont want to lose them and also can I store them for next year as I really would like them to grow in my finished garden?


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    The flower kind of springs out of the middle after the leaves have formed. You may find that if you look in the centre of the leaves you will see the immature flower head - if not, then you will eventually.
    If you think you have dug them all out you might be surprised next year as they have the annoying habit of coming back!!
    Hope that helps


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      Grow like weeds in my garden so I don't think they are that easily killed.
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        Im wondering if i can store the bulbs by letting them dry out now even though they havent flowered?


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          Dave, they wilted because you dug them up while they were actively growing, and not dormant. Bluebells can be lifted and replanted 'in the green' but it's usually done Feb-March. They flower late April-May.

          You may need to cut off the leaves now while the roots re-establish themselves. Either way, keep them slightly shaded and well watered (but not sitting in water).
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            Thank you Two Sheds, thats exactly what I wanted to know


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              Much as I love bluebells, I am having a really hard time of getting rid of some that keep appearing in my strawberry bed. It's looking like after this year I am going to have to site the strawbs somewhere else, because I cannot get rid of the bl**dy things and I find myself thinking of them as weeds, which is a shame.

              Just as an afterthought for Dave C - last year I dug up a load of bulbs after they had flowered and put them in a trench at the top of the garden where there's a bit of a wild life area and they've appeared tall and strong this year!
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