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Another Clematis Fail


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  • Another Clematis Fail

    Well I just give up with Clematis. Almost every one I plant dies despite following the guidelines with depth, aspect etc. This one was my late mum's I took from her garden 4 years ago. It has done well until now. All the stem is dry with no green, although it did show signs of life earlier this year. This meant a lot to me as it was the last thing she saw flowering. Why am I such a failure?

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    You’re not a failure,you can’t control what happens with nature. I’ve seen dry straw colour stems,still with growth coming from it. One of my clematis has done the same thing this year,there was good growth a while ago,I thought it should be a lot of growth now,I looked & growth was poor,I found two big snails on the fence,they must eat all the new growth. There’s still time for more growth. Mulch around the roots if it’s in full sun,they like their roots shaded.
    Location : Essex


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      What sort of clematis is it?
      All mine are like that . Some need cutting back, some don't as they shoot from old growth.
      Couple of mine are very slow this year (weather).
      They like water to drain away from them not Sat in too much water, they're hungry plants too.
      Northern England.


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