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    So I have a small bank from the hedge line to the lawn which is a pain to mow, so instead I am considering turning it in to a strip of meadow and hand cutting it at points in the year.
    I'm going to cut it very short and give it a really good scarify to open it up and then plant some yellow rattle. After that I may sow some annuals next autumn to encourage it.
    Am I on to a hiding to nothing as the patch is quite long but not very wide (maybe 3'x40'), does anyone have any advice regarding this?

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    As long as you scarify enough to leave lots of small patches of bare soil, as long as you sow the yellow rattle at the right time of year, and as long as you sow enough seeds (and keep them watered in dry spells until they establish), I can't see why it wouldn't work. Yellow rattle isn't really all that picky.
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