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Hollyhocks - to save or not to save?


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  • Hollyhocks - to save or not to save?

    I'm not much of a flower girly more into what's productive except for my herbs so am quite pleased that my hollyhocks are doing something this year and am looking to expand my flower repertoire next year. The seed heads are now ripening but I don't know it these seeds will germinate if I save them. Does anyone know how successful this might be? Also I noticed in the seed heads a "weevilly" thing and the seeds in these heads are a different colour. Will this affect things? Have had a spot of rust but not worried about that as veggies are all on the allotment.

    Help!! please
    Bright Blessings

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    Should think your saved seed will be fine for sowing next year. Be careful though that you are not saving seed with infection. Put them in a brown paper bag and let them dry out, then inspect them just to certain.

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      I have always saved seeds from my hollyhocks from many moons ago as I have a fondness for them and they always grow so don't worry


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        Hi Earthbabe,

        If you leave them they'll seed all over the place for you then you can just re-arrange the seedlings
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          I'm with Nick, I let my hollyhocks self seed and sort themselves out, unless human intervention is required - actually, I let all my flowering plants self seed - means that Springtime is full of surprises - mostly good but Welsh Poppy (meconopsis cambrica) is a bit of a self seeding thug, and nigella appears everywhere.

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