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  • Unpleasant Chicken Poo

    Hello Everyone,

    I've recently taken on 6 rescues, and one of them has gone downhill recently, and is lethargic. She goes to bed 3-4 hours before the others, and today I found her in the coop before I cleaned it. Unfortunately under her was some awful poo, which was fresh and worries me. Can anyone identify the problem from the attached pic.


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    Not sure tbh, but I hope you have isolated her from the others until you work out what the problem is.
    Maybe contact where you got her from to see if others have a similar problem?
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      Hi. I often struggle to diagnose poultry problems but my go to action plan is to keep the hen comfortable in a cardboard box with bedding in it, I give a wormer, and Nettex poultry power drops. If they are mucky I give a deep warm soak with Epsom salts.
      I would guess your hen has worms.
      I started with rescue hens and my goodness they kept me busy sorting out their mites and worms and looking up funny poops! I remember I found a poop chart!
      They also died frequently compared to hens not ex batts and I was just philosophical about that - whatever time they got in fresh air sunshine grass etc was better than what their end would be on a poultry farm. Generally they lived for 4 years if they got through the rehoming process
      Hope your hen picks up.


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        PS just had a quick Google and if you put in chicken poop chart quite a few options available


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