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  • Help with tomato plant 🍅

    Hello dear growers,

    I'm house sitting for someone and in charge with taking care of the tomato plants. The plants are in big wooden beds on the top floor of the house with plenty of sunlight, I water them every 2 days, about 3L for each plant. The bad news is that for the last few days the leaves started turning yellow. I've looked online and it can seems to be from over/under watering, or watering at the wrong time of day.

    Are they going to die? Any advice on how to stabilise them?

    Thank you in advance


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    Hello & welcome to the vine Cip Are all the leaves yellowing or is it the lower leaves? The plants must be quite tall with plenty of leaves,the lower leaves do start yellowing as they become exhausted & new leaves grow that should be green hopefully. Have you been feeding them with a tomato fertiliser? I water mine everyday if it hasnít rained,I use about 1.5litre when the sun goes down,the next day the sun can really dry them out so itís a daily thing to keep some moisture around the roots.


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      Hard to be sure what the problem is, but its likely to be either too much or too little water. The only simple way to establish which it is, is to put your fingers down in to the compost near the roots of the plant, and have a feel for how wet it is.


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