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New to growing... any advice please.


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  • New to growing... any advice please.

    Hello everyone,
    I have decided to get into growing my own fruit and veg as hobby, now that I have my own garden.

    However I don’t really know where to start.

    I purchased a little herb kit along with some extra pots and a tray and have followed the instructions on sowing them.

    Now what? Is it just keeping up with watering and wait till they grow or and I to do stuff in the meantime?

    And advice, tip, trick etc would be much appreciated.


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    Dont feel you have to water all the time. put your finger in the soil and if its damp half an inch down, leave it!

    Other than that follow the instructions!

    Good luck!



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      If you fancy some tree and soft fruit keep an eye on the offers at your local supermarket where they sometimes have things like loganberries for £2 or so. Tree fruit is a bit trickier for various reasons, but you can obviously ask questions about it on here if you are interested, and the trees are generally cheaper in the winter when the leaves are off.


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        Hi dread and welcome.

        First off can you give us more info. Where abouts are you located. What's your garden like - big, small, north/south facing, what's growing well now, sunny spots, shady spots, does it get waterlogged or tend to dry out fast? Then about you - what do you like to eat - salads, spuds, fruit?

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          Hello and welcome to the vine Dread How much space do you have and does it need much work or can you start sowing and planting now?

          Have a read at the vines own growing guides theres lots of info to get to you started.


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            Hi Dread and welcome to the vine - grow things you like to eat !

            Radish in cut down flower buckets, nice quick and easy

            Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-06-01 Radish Front.jpg
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Size:	123.2 KB
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-06-12 Radish Front.jpg
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            Two weeks in and about another two before I start to harvest
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              Beetroot is usually pretty easy, and extremely satisfying.


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                Sorry I have only just got round to replying, it has been a busy day. Thank you all for the helpful information but as requested, here is more information about me.

                I have just moved into a new build, so the garden is just a lawn. It will be staying that way for sometime as I have the whole of the house to sort out before hand. Therefore I am only looking at growing in pots for the time being.

                I live in Sandbach which is a small town in Cheshire. My garden is only small, about the size of a badminton court and is facing NE when looking out of the back door.

                As for what I like to eat, that is a little more complicated as I have OAS. However I will be growing for my family, as well as just for a hobby.

                At the moment I have 9 small pots consisting of:
                -3 pots of spring onions
                -2 pots of basil (which i saw starting to grow today)
                -2 pots of parsley
                -1 pot of chives
                -1 pot of coriander



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                  Hi Dread,
                  Herbs are a great idea. Always handy when you’re cooking, and fresher/cheaper than shop bought.
                  If you have enough pots/space, then mixed salad leaves is another idea. Best to sow a new batch every few weeks, so that when one lot is ready to retire, the next batch is ready to pick. Fresher, tastier and crisper than the bags of ready washed/chlorinated stuff in the shops ;-)


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                    I actually already have a pack of mixed salad seeds, I just couldn’t sow them as I ran out of pots. I’ll be sowing them as soon as I get chance to get some more.

                    4 shoots of basil have appeared this morning. Still no movement in any of the other pots though.


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