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Young pepper/chilli plant dying?


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  • Young pepper/chilli plant dying?


    I planted some chilli and pepper seeds a while back (
    Jalapeno, Pimientos de Padron, Corno Rosso, Topepo rosso, Paper Lantern Habanero and bell pepper) I stupidly forgot to label them.

    out of 12 pots all but 2 germinated (2 pots per variety) - however some of the young seedlings aren't looking very healthy and in the past week or two the leaves have started to brown and wilt. Others are doing fine (if not growing quite slowly).

    They are located on a south-facing windowsill (southern UK). They are watered regularly but not too much. Any ideas what's the problem please?

    (it's the plants next to my hands not the ones at the bottom)

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    too cold on the windowsill at night? [you'd be amazed how cold it gets even with double glazing...especially old double glazing]
    someone else will be along soon....


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      I lost a lot of leaves on my tomatoes this week (due to cold nights). The leaves went all limp & floppy, then fell off

      Your damage looks crispy though? Scorched?
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        It's actually a bad photo so apologies for that, the damage is wilted leaves.

        I'll bring them upstairs onto the bedroom windowsill, that's brand new triple glazing so should be much warmer


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          Before you put them somewhere California Wonder peppers have the same dried, brown markings and curled up just like yours. This occurred during the very warm spell a few weeks ago. I have since put a net curtain between the plants and the window to diffuse the direct sunlight, plus it's been generally cooler, and the new growth is looking a lot healthier.

          So, as Two Sheds said, "Scorched?"...almost certainly based on my experience.
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            I've had a terrible year for seeds this year - they just about get to 1st proper leaf stage and then the seed leaves wither and the seedling dies. I'm blaming the temperature as I haven't done anything different this year than last year.

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              I thought it looked like scorch too. I lost loads of chillies/peppers to it in March when we had our 'summer' - one week of constant sun was apparently too much for the wee things. Good thing we've got nothing but 'wet and cold' for the next few months then eh


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