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Mouldy loo rolls !


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  • Mouldy loo rolls !

    A week ago I planted some broad beans in loo rolls, covered in polythene. When I took the cover off today (as opposed to peeking in the end!) I discovered all the loo rolls were covered in white mould ! There are signs of shoots coming out the bottom of some of the rolls, but nothing out the tops so far. What do I do now ? Will the seeds be ok ? The tray is sitting uncovered in the conservatory at the moment. Help !

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    don't worry, toilet rolls go mouldy when they're kept damp, your beans are fine, plant them out


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      Loo rolls are best used in warm drier conditions, so they aren't sitting around in cold wet conditions for too long.

      Microwaving them first helps to keep the moulds down too
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        Thanks for that, both of you - I'm reassured I haven't killed anything !


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          Here's how I do it. The rolls are squashed so they are square and put into the sort of mudules that give you 24 cells in a standard seed tray. The air flow in between stops them moulding.
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