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Tomatoes' lower leaves - on or off?


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  • Tomatoes' lower leaves - on or off?

    So what do you all think about removing the lower leaves from tomato plants? I've read and heard views on both sides and was wondering if there's any kind of consebsus on here. Has anyone tried doing a comparitive experiment with some plants with them left on and some taken off?

    I tend to take them off when they start to look manky from now on, but not remove the healthyones untill it gets to September and there's the last few left to ripen. I don't base this on any real theory or evidence, of course, I think I got it from what my Mum used to do

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    Like you I just take them off when they start to yellow & droop but don't normally take off healthy leaves except if there are a lot around the trusses I want to ripen & I might remove some of them to let the sun in.
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      We take ours off when they start to get 'too much' - prefer to be able to get an air-flow round the plant to (hopefully) help stave off the onset of blight. Not just the lower leaves either, any that seem to be getting out of control.
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        I have to be honest and say that I have hacked away a little at the cordon toms and not just on the lower leaves. Not seemed to have done any harm so far and has certainly opened everything up for watering and checking for pests.
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          I just remove anything that doesn't look healthy and needs to be got rid of.

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            As each truss of toms develop i take the lower leaves off to give the toms light and sun to ripen. Also take off any large leaves that might be blocking out the light. So long as you don't take too many off they will be fine.

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              After the fruits start to form, and are beginning to develop, I remove all the leaves below the first truss - everything else stays.

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                I do the same Rat, they only go Yellow anyway as they've done their bit & it's up to the leaves higher up to carry on.
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