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Wooden fence panel treatment recommendations


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  • Wooden fence panel treatment recommendations

    Just had a new panel fence - 30 panels - have to treat both sides.
    I am looking please for recommendations for spray or paint that you have used plus any hints'n'tips.
    Equally looking for anything to steer clear of!
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    I have found that most of the "fence paints" do very little apart from change the colour, Ducksback with a 5 year "life" is as good as any.
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      I find ranch or fence paint does a job, though the bright orange colour which it often comes in looks hideous until it's weathered a bit. Obviously you might be able to pay more and buy a longer lasting product, but I'm a cheapskate at heart. One thing, if your considering spraying your fence I'd say get the sprayer first and test it with a small sample of whatever paint you consider using - sprayers can be very finicky about the thickness of paint they'll work with.


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        I tried spraying once...spent more time trying to unclog the darned thing and ended up with more paint on me than the blinking fence!!!!!
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