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  • Grapes

    Just trying out the uploading & resizing photos. This is a photo of my grapes on the vine, I don't know what variety they are but they are quite small & usually end up getting eaten by blackbirds before they get sweet enough to do anything with. Is it difficult to make wine from them & would I need more, I only have one vine growing over an arch outdoors?
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    What a lovely bunch of grapes!
    And very appropriate for the Grapevine forum!

    Well done SueA, a smashing pic!

    Thumbs Up!



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      Do you prune it in late summer Sue A? If so poke them in a pot and put it in a coldframe ofr greenhouse and they should root. You can start a Vinyard then
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        I did stick a couple of prunings in a pot last year & they seem to have rooted but aren't doing much at the moment, just sad looking twigs. I'll try & find space to plant them out this year but think it will be a few years before I'm producing 'Chateau Manchester'!
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          I know of one guy who used to make his own wine from homegrown grapes and just added bought grape juice to make up the quantities. I suppose you can buy it without preservatives, but I'm pretty sure he didn't, cos it was a few years back! Pretty drinkable stuff too!
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            Thanks, I hadn't thought of that, seems like cheating a bit but it's a pretty good idea.
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