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Adding photos - Please read before posting


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  • Adding photos - Please read before posting

    Image posting Guide!

    1. Add images by using the attachment tool when you start a new thread, or by clicking 'Go Advanced' when posting a reply. Scroll down past the reply text box and click on 'Manage Attachments', this will bring up a box where you can browse your computer for the image you wish to attach.

    2. Image sizes are limited to 500 x 800 pixels, or 97.7kb for .jpg files.

    If you are posting a .jpg image (commonly used file on most digital cameras), the forum software should automatically resize your picture. If you are using a different type of file, you will have to re-size it yourself before posting. If you're unsure, try uploading it, you will get a message if you need to resize.

    - If you need to re-size your images you can download a very useful (and FREE!) application called Picasa - it's from Google the link to which is here: Picasa 3: Free download from Google

    - Instructions on how to resize can be found here: Resizing Pictures Using Picasa

    Happy Posting!
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