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.What Fruit Trees to Protect Over Winter.


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  • .What Fruit Trees to Protect Over Winter.

    I own a few dwarf fruit trees. What ones will I need to protect the most over winter.

    -These are the ones I am not sure -
    Apple tree - I bought it this year.
    Fig tree - Bought it this year with 2 figs on.
    Cherry x2 - Had these 2 years.

    Here is a photo of my green house I will be adding fleece all around the bottom to stop any cold air coming in. I will be taking the shelves out to make more room. I already have 2 pots in the green house.

    I live in the South East.

    I tried up loading a photo of them but for some reason it would not let me.
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    The only fruit trees I protect over winter are peaches and nectarines to protect from peach leaf curl. Every thing else stays outside - but its always sunshiny here.
    If your trees are tiny and you have room in the GH, then do it. Otherwise, tuck them against a south facing wall for protection.


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      Thank you for your advice.

      My citrus trees I will always put Away over winter. We do get a frost every now an again so was checking to see what ones could cope with this better.

      The only one that I would say is not looking its best is the apple tree but only had it a few days. The shorter one of the list I mentioned will be just around a meter long I would say. So they are not really tiny plants.

      I do have tiny ones but they are in the green house.


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