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No fruit on my Greengage:-(


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  • No fruit on my Greengage:-(

    Planted a Christmas present greengage tree (about 2 an da half metres tall) in our meadow in the winter. THere was loads of beautiful blossom and the tree has a lot of growth and new leaves but not a jot of fruit, so I'm guessing it wasn't pollenated.

    Does it need another similar tree very close to help with pollenation?
    How close?
    How similar would it need to be? Would a different plum/goldengage etc work?

    Thanks - I love greengages and am quite gutted that I won;t have any this year!

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    Fruit trees normally take a few years to establish before they fruit.


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      wait till next year, young tree is growing roots.
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        There are 4 on my lottie - planted 3 years ago I think. We have a reasonable amount of fruit on one tree this year, only got about 6 last year. No sign of fruit on the other trees yet despite blossom on one of them.

        Keeping fingers crossed for next year!
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          It took about 5 years for my damson (related) to give a really decent crop. Now it's brill. It's nobbut a bairn yet so give it time.
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