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  • galamondin

    hi guys, i was given an orange tree as a gift , its called galamondin and i know nothing about it.
    it has a fair bit of fruit even though it is small ( ornamental i suspect) and i was wondering if the fruit is edible or suitable for marmalade etc.. and also how to care for it, i have just left it to grow in a medium pot and it seems to be doing well, do i need to pick the fruit or pick the new shoots?
    i have no idea so any advice would be gratefully received.
    p.s as a new grower expect lots of daft questions from me, lol

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    I think it's Calamondin - a miniature orange. You can eat the fruit - no idea what it's like though.

    Welcome to the vine. I'm sure someone here is growing one and will 'fill you in' so to speak. There's no such thing as a daft question - we've all had to find out (some the hard way!) and if we know the answer, we like to sound clever! Bring 'em on!
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      The fruit is edible, like a slightly sour satsuma, but then the sourness seems to go away after the first segment - I've eaten quite a few and love them - My OH isn't as keen!

      Just search for Calamondin in google for care instructions!

      You can buy specialist citrus feed, both summer and winter formulas.

      I've had one since about March and its a lovely plant - You're supposed to keep it fairly dry during winter so I think I'll put it in my unheated greenhouse - They're frost tollerant down to -10'C!


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        thanks very much for your help.
        i'll try one see what it's like and look up care for it.


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          You obviously have Internet access as you're on the Vine. If you can't find your answers here try doing a google search for Calamondin Orange.


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