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Berries supported by fence.


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  • Berries supported by fence.

    I am thinking of getting some berries this year and I am split between a few.
    Logan berries, Raspberries and Blueberries.

    I was wondering if I could use my 5ft fence to support them and as I will grow some against a wall what is best to use for support in this case?

    This is the only place I can grow them as I still have not heard about an allotment yet.


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    Blueberries are free standing bushes so won't need the support of your fence or wall but do need an acid soil to do well. Have you tested your soil? If it's not suitable many people seem to grow them successfully in pots.
    Don't know whether loganberries grow upright canes like raspberries or arching like blackberries but either way will benefit from support. My favoured method, and by no means the only way is to screw in vine eye into the support and run wire across horizontally between them. Pull the wire nice and tight. You'll need wires about 30-45cm apart. The canes can be tied into them. The length of the vine eye allows for a gap between thewall or fence allowrng air to circulate. They screw in reasonably easily into wood but you'll need to drill and rawl plug for a wall. Don't plant too close to the fence or wall as it tends to be very dry there. This is just what I would do . Someone else will no doubt be along with a superior way of doing it. Good luck and hope you here about a plot soon.


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      Is it a sunny fence Steven? Loganberries grow like blackberries and would benefit from being trained up and along wires. Raspberries are freestanding but benefit from some sort of post and wire support to keep them in rows.


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        The fence gets a lot of sun after 11am in the summer but less in the winter


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          You should be OK then as they need the sun in summer to flower and ripen the berries.


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            Usually raspberries like abit of air and light on both sides of the plant, dont they? I'm thinking if you used a wall to support....

            As said above with blueberries, the acidic soil is really most important. Some (autumn raspberries) dont need any support at all.

            How about an espallier cherry/plum/grape/apple or pear?


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              As Northpaul says, you may be better off with an espallier. My raspberries have slowly crept closer to my greenhouse which means I am only able to pick from one side - half of them I'm unable to reach!


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