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Which fruit tree/plant to grown in a polytunnel?


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  • Which fruit tree/plant to grown in a polytunnel?


    I'm looking into what fruit might do well in a polytunnel that we would otherwise be unable to grow in our climate? Any tips or experience welcomed! Nectarines, oranges, olive trees, passion fruit, grape vines? The tunnel is large 20' x 40' and 11' high.

    Thanks all

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    Hi again,

    In both tunnels I have a grape vine and in one I also have apricots in trees as they do like a good chilling in the winter before being brought indoors to protect the flowers.

    Peaches are traditionaly grown under glass as were oranges and lemons.


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      I have a kiwi fruit, had fruit on it last year (1st year of it) they were very small but tasty.

      I also have a fig, you could have that in the garden but maybe in the polytunnel I will get more yield.

      I have a grape vine, had grapes on it last year (its first year) but it seems dead !!!!!

      Not sure that helps, still trying for myself as only had hte poytunnel mid season last year.
      Am now happy - I can get out in the polytunnel again with the warmer weather.


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        How about pineapples? you may need a bit of warmth in the winter though. Melons do OK under glass/plastic as well. The only thing to watch is the fact that there maynot be many insects around when the flower so yuo'll have to pollenate them yourself. Traditionally it was done with a Rabbits tail, but you could use a artists paint brush but it must be soft not a hard nylon bristle.
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