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Fruit for North Facing Wall


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  • Fruit for North Facing Wall

    We have a north facing wall and we wanted to grow some fruit there.

    I've read online that blackcurrants are a safe bet, but one site suggested gooseberries as the best.

    I'm thinking that I might try jostaberries as they are a hybrid of the two?

    Does that make sense? Good idea?

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    Have just been down to the garden centre and they had a really lovely Morello cherry shaped like a fan. The card said it does well grown against a north facing wall. Cost and arm and a leg though otherwise it would have come home with me!
    No idea about the ones you have suggested.


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      Hi Pantman, and welcome to the madhouse known as the Vine! There's a great bunch of grapes on here, many of whom do actually know what they are talking about and share some wonderful advice, I know some of them will be along later to offer their thoughts!

      Not sure exactly what would do well on a North Facing wall, but I can tell you that all the jostaberries and brambles on our plot are shadowed by trees, and seem to fairly thrive anyhows, so perhaps that may be of some help!

      Anyhows, welcome to the vine!
      Suzanne (aka Mrs Dobby)

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