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Apple tree needs moving


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  • Apple tree needs moving

    I have two apple trees that are too close together. Looking for some advice about when is the best time to move them.

    Also should they be pruned at the same time or is one thing at a time better so as not to shock them?

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    Any time now is best for moving and / or pruning as they should be dormant at this time of year (tho with our current crazy weather who knows! )

    I'd probably try and prune them first to make moving them easier, but I'm not particularly experienced with apple trees, so will defer to any other grapes who may well know better!
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      Hi Filbert,

      I would suggest the following:

      You can move fruit trees of almost any size (you dont say what yours is or its age) if you do it at the right time of year and take enough root. For the apple, that's just after soil has thawed from cold-winter climates.
      To prepare the tree, figure out how much root mass you can handle, then with the blade of a spade, cut a circle around the tree now. On a six-foot apple, the diameter of the circle would be about 3 feet. The idea is that over the next few months little feeder roots will be formed inside the circle, so you move the tree with as much live root as possible.
      When moving day comes, dig the receiving hole first. Then dig out the apple, rinsing or shaking soil off the roots as you go. You're bare-rooting the tree. Move the tree immediately, without letting feeder roots dry out (if they dry, they die), and water it in well.
      Water deeply, then water regularly for the first summer. Don't feed for three months.

      As for pruning I would do it now or alternativly transplant, prune very lightly then prune more heavily next winter. (You don't say how bad a prune they need!)

      Hope this helps....and good luck!
      Last edited by Geordie; 04-12-2006, 09:37 PM. Reason: Forgot to mention pruning

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        Thanks for that Geordie, will get going with that ASAP.


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