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    Hi all

    youve all been very helpful when ive asked for advice, so can someone please tell me when the best time to plant fruit bushes is please? i thought they should be going in around now but my mum says i should wait until march time - i know mums are usually right but is she???

    Also can somebody tall me what double digging is? i'm just digging my plot over, taking out the weeds and grass that i can and chucking some horse dung on it

    thanks all
    Hans Mum
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    Hi Hans Mum. Bare rooted fruit bushes (or probably any) should be planted around now as they are dormant. There are probably other reasons but I don't know what they are.

    Double digging is (I think) digging your trench out then digging the bottom over before adding manure or whatever then back filling with earth from the next trench. Obviously removing weeds and large stones as you go. It can be very hard work but doesn't need to be done every year. And if you are lazy like me it isn't done at all.
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      You are both right ( but now is better than in the spring as the ground will be warmer and they will have a bit more of a head start!!!)
      You can plant bare-rooted bushes now, and they are much cheaper than container grown ones.

      Double digging...

      (easier than me trying eo explain it!!)
      I incorperate muck at the bottom of the trench (if the soil needs it ), and weed as I go along.
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        Yes fruit bushes (bare rooted) need to go in now but they can also be planted February - March. If the fruit bushes are in pots (soil around the roots) they can be planted at any time of the year.

        Double digging as I understand it is taking one spade depth of soil out and then a second spade depth of soil out back filling the previous trench as you go along.


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          Have just planted blackcurrant bushes, Ben Hope, and raspberry canes, Glen Magna both bare rooted. My understanding is that with the soil still in "good" warm condition after the Autumn the plants can establish better rather than planting into cold, probably poorer soil conditions in the Spring. Another factor is economic since picked up plants for 1 each where they are asking 4-50 for container grown. Key thing with blackcurrants is to plant 2-3 inches deeper than "old" soil level to encorage additional stems. Good luck.


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