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What to do with a Greengage?


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  • What to do with a Greengage?

    My friend has just taken over a new allotment and has a healthy looking, 3ft high greengage in the middle of her plot that I can have if I want. The little tree is a runner from a load of greengages on the next plot to hers (so she doesn't want/need this one and will be digging it up and chucking it anyway).

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice about moving it to my allotment (there are already buds on it), and anything I should know about caring for it?

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    It would be better moved when it's dormant - being in the plum family it will no doubt be full of flower buds now. However, if you decide to move it now, take PLENTY of soil around the roots, get some heavy duty polythene or hessian sacking and carefully lift the whole root ball. When you replant water it well and make sure it doesn't go short of water in the first year. As the tree isn't massive it mightn't be too daunting a job. If she's going to chuck it anyway, at lease you're giving it a chance.
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      Thanks for the advice Flummery, I'll do just as you say. It's a nice little tree and I just couldn't bear for it to be thrown out when I can give it a home on my plot. Hopefully it'll cope!


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        Any suckers will come from the rootstock and with all probability will be worthless for fruiting. You could graft on to it though.


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          Do you think so? I hope not! The original tree on the plot over from my friend's is huge and looks a good few years old , there are about another 7 or 8 'teenagers' over a few of the surrounding plots and the man on the other side of my friend said that they all have smashing fruit. I'm hopeful for my little fella - I've planted him on my plot as per Flummery's instruction, but I'll try not to get too excited in case you're right Simon. Fingers crossed


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