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Mildew on Gooseberries


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  • Mildew on Gooseberries

    We inherited four gooseberry bushes when we took over our plot in January - all have produced lots of berries but some are starting to split and go a bit mildewy. Any advice?? Should I be thining the berries?

    Also, probably a daft question, but how do you know when gooseberries are ready to pick??

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    If there is a very heavy crop of gooseberries you should thin the berries in May and June and use these for cooking but I never do. I think they tend to split when the berries are passed it - over ripe. However, it seems a bit early for them to be over ripe so maybe it is all the rain we have had. They can get American mildrew but this would be like a white mould on the fruit so I doubt it is that. As for when they are ready - if they are for cooking you can use them when the fruit is still firm but if they are a dessert variety leave them until they are like grapes.

    Welcome to the grapevine!!
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      Thanks Lesley - it is only a few berries that have the mildew so maybe I'll just pick those off and hope for the best. I don't think we've got any dessert varieties so I guess I'll hold on until the end of the month to start picking.

      It's all very new (but very exciting!) as all I've ever grown before is tomatoes in pots! Still, looks like I've found the right place for help and advice!


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        When you prune them this winter aim to get an open "bowl" shape to each bush which will much reduce the chances of you getting mildew in future.

        You can put the decent sized prunings either in the ground or in pots to grow on as new plants. The strike rate is quite high (5 out of 5 for me).

        Good luck


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