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    I have placed an order for some fruit trees. We had prepared an area at the side of the house and last weekend put some cedar bark on it to stop weeds and make it look tidy. I woke in the night and had an awful feeling that we might have made a booboo. Will the cedar bark 'spoil' the soil for the fruit trees. Sorry if it's a stupid question. We are very new to planting of any kind.

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    Don't worry, be happy.

    No more than if you used it as a mulch after planting.

    Chipped bark does not decompose very fast anyway, but decomposition uses nitrogen, so if you are worried a little growmore forked into the soil below where you plant will counteract this.

    To be more explicit, prepare your planting hole, take out another half spade depth and fork in some growmore, then replace the half spades worth of soil and plant your bush on top of that.

    Alternatively just incorporate a sprinkle of blood-n-bone, or a sprinkle of either on top of the soild above the planted bush before replacing the cedar bark.
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      Thank you so much Peter


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