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Spacing for Brussels?


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  • Spacing for Brussels?

    Brussel sprouts!

    My book says 75cm, the packet says 60cm. Everyone else I can see on our allotments puts all their Brassicas, including brussels, about a foot apart. I'm probably the most inexperienced grower on the site. o

    So, how far do you space yours? I've plenty of plants, but not a lot of space...

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    Spacing may depend on the variety. Early Half tall is 50cms.
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      I have edged beds therefore no need for paths between and always grow 6 plants in an area 5' x 4'. They get big so I wouldn't put them any closer but they do fine at that spacing for me.

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        I have failed with brussels sprouts the last 2 years, so this year I am giving them lots of space, down the middle of a bed 4 feet wide, just under 2 feet apart. If it doesn't work I'm never growing them again.
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          I grow mind through weed membrane here is the cutting pattern for the sheet.
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            I normally space mine at 2 foot apart (60cm) & as Alison said they are quite substantial plants in full swing, so need room to breath.

            Also remember to really firm them in well & stake em too as "Wind Rock" is the main culprit for the sprouts to blow!
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