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  • Allotment Petition (Save allotment sites)

    Hi All and Happy New Year Etc.

    Work has been taking precedence thus far this year, but I will beat it.

    Anyhow. I saw this, signed it and thought of all of you lucky people who have allotments. I thought you might like to support this petition:

    * Apologies if this is inappropriate or in the wrong section.
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    I've signed


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      Isn't it the same petition that was answered last year

      Tell Eric Pickles that allotments must not be sold off! - e-petitions

      only asking - as it seems to resurface regularly


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        They won their case at Judicial Review last year. Despite that, Watford Council have put in a third application to have the allotments developed. The new petition is about the new planning application - it appears the Council really really wants to build on the land. - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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          It annoys me when they decide to build on green belt and allotment land. They should be building on what I think is called brown belt land. There are loads of unused empty buildings and unused industrial areas that should be regenerated to housing.
          Phew got that off my chest. Oh and signed petition


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            I would sign it but it won't allow me. I'm sure I signed it a few months back, it looks familiar so maybe that's why it wont let me re-sign.
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              Signed. the allotment site I'm on in London is worth £25 MILLION alone so we are growing on very valuable plots of land! however it is upheld that we are as citizens entitled to allotment space, don't let them take plots away!


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                I've signed.


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