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"Scrumping" from others plots


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  • "Scrumping" from others plots

    OK, I know that this is completely out of order, and normally I wouldn't even dream of doing such a thing.

    However, there are a couple of overgrown plots on our site, probably not rented, and there is loads of rhubarb going to waste. Would it be such a bad thing to pick and use it? Please don't think I'm a bad person - I don't normally go around nicking stuff.

    Any thoughts?

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    if you don't the slugs will.
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      Have a chat with the allotment supervisor..



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        I think it would be beneficial to the crowns to divide some of them and dispose of the excess accordingly!!!!
        You could put some compost at the base as a sort of thankyou!!
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          Ooh - so tempting! Best check with your lottie committee, if they are about to give the site to someone, that person might want the crop!

          Had a similar problem (?) with a plot next to Dads - 10yards of fantastic blackberries that were being left to rot. The plot was rented so we just had to watch the wastage - heart breaking - the holder ripped out all the blackberries that winter, presumably they didn't like them. There were plenty of other holders who would have 'taken care' of the problem for them, still what can you do?

          The weeks and the years are fine. It's the days I can't cope with!


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            On our site if you have a viable plant that you dont want, then we leave them next to the cabin, and if anyone wants it they can take it! Usually the person who's put it there mentions it to anyone they see and they then pass on the details to anyone else they see until its either been claimed or died, in which case it gets composted!
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              Id do the same well its a shame to let it go to waste
              you could ask but they might offer you the plot oh no two plots sounds formilia
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                Don't see any problem with harvesting the sticks, but I wouldn't dig anything up unless you check with your allotment committee or manager that the plot hasn't been let


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                  Go for it, I'm sure you won't be the only one, and it's not doing any harm at all, and will help the plant.
                  I was lucky, one of our neighbours had more than she could manage and invited me so have some. Ours are only just beginning as they were transplanted last year.


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