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6ft Fence - Impact on plot?


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  • 6ft Fence - Impact on plot?

    Hello all, Very new to all this, just starting out on a garden plot 5m by 8m.
    The length of the plot faces south with a 6ft fence making up the 8m east boarder.

    I wish to go the organic route and employ rotation, Can you advise on the impact of shade cast by the fence? What would be the best way to set out the plot?

    At present the plot has been cleared, dug over and seeded with green manure.

    Advise on the best way to move forward would be welcomed.


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    Really difficult to advise without actually seeing the plot but to have a scheme of rotation, you need to have separate beds. So as not to have complete beds in the shade, I would suggest having 3 or 4 beds along the 8mtr boundary with paths in between for ease of cultivation. That will give you scope for a three or four year shift whatever you decide is the way for you to go.


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      my 2 story house is on the east of my garden, and I've grown everything with no shade problems. By the time the sun gets round to the south all the garden is in sunshine anyway, and there would be less problem with a fence
      So I really wouldn't worry about it.


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        I'd agree with the above, with the addendum that if it's your fence, you might want to think in terms of growing vertically along it...peas, squash, beans, fruit. If not, well you might not be able to attach things, but you can still use it as a windbreak and maybe a reflector of heat from sunshine. ( Should we ever have enough !)
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