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    Probably been asked before but you try searching 'comfrey last cut'..

    I know when, and why and how to use Comfrey, however I planted some fresh roots last year and would like to know if cutting them down will be detrimental to them.

    I planted them last year in May and let them grow, also this year I haven't cut them. They are about four foot tall and in flower (left them for my bees). If I cut them down now, will they leaf up again a bit and suffer? When is the last possible date for cutting them in your collective opinions??

    Peace out
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    I've cut mine 5 or 6 times this year and I take leaves as and many have you got?

    Can you cut and use alternate ones and leave the others to grow on?

    Once established [hopefully next year] they will grow back in a matter of days. The bees love them so I cut them in the evening as they get pretty upset when I cut them whilst they are buzzing around them.


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      Originally posted by zazen999 View Post
      I've cut mine 5 or 6 times this year
      Me too, they grow so quickly.
      The last cut is in about September and I leave that around the plants to feed them.
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        I've just taken my third cut this year and expect to get another two at least this year.
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          I cut half of mine down about ten days ago and left the rest for the bees to finish with it. The cut comfrey is growing again and is about a foot tall, so I've now cut back the second half. The flowers were fading anyway and it was beginning to flop all over. You may see the new growth coming through as you cut the plants down.


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            Cheers everyone..

            I have 6 new plants. I have others but they were in when I took the plot on.

            I'll cut down half now I think and then the rest next month. I like the advice of leaving the leaves on top to feed the plant. Very circle of life...
            Cryin won't help you, prayin won't do you no good!


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