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    i went to my new allotment the other day to get all my bits in the shed and take down all the seedlings.

    it appears the person before me has decided to leave their water butts and compost bins. one of the water butts is completely ful, it smells rather manky though, i was wondering would this water still be ok to use. it might have been there for some time?

    also, very excited as there is mint growing in all sorts of placing, there are a number of raspberry bushes and what i think are potatoes not bad at all since i havent even dug anywhere yet!

    ta muchly.x

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    If it smells manky it probably is. Has it got a lid on? It really needs one to stop all the algae growing.

    Oh and mint does that, you'll soon have it growing in lots of other places to, still, it's nice with new spuds
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      it has a lid, but it still smells quite questionable!

      should i not use it? perhaps i can empty it away from where i'll be growing things


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        I'd start afresh- tip it away from your plants and give it a scrub out
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          Sophie..I`m a bit late in replying on your thread..put a tablespoon full of olive oil in your water-butt...stops the bugs..the ones that bit you in awkward that how one spells it
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            Butt empty it first!! As Nicos says

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              Sorry DarkCrow says..empty first


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