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  • Comfrey... help!!

    I'm keen to try growing a green manure like comfrey for making veggie feeding juice for the summer (to help boost my squashes mainly). I've heard about comfrey. Can anyone advise about how much i'd need and how to use it to make a fertiliser?

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    Best bet is to get hold of the Bocking 14 type which I have usually seen sold in packs of five root cuttings. Some of the E-bay sellers have them. I have five which is just enough. I got four cuttings from them last year. Used a lot of the leaves for mulch all the rest went in the bin to produce gallons of tea. Make sure you put the leaves in a rot proof bag of some kind otherwise the tap can easily clog up with bits as I discovered. Also it STINKS. I used an old plastic rubbish bin with a tight fitting lid, drilled a hole about an inch from the bottom and put a water butt tap in it.
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