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  • Allotment Insurance

    My mate has just been the victim of an arsonist and lost her sheds, water butts, compost bins etc in one fould swoop and it got us wondering about insurance. Does anybody have any experience of insuring the allotment??

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    Our allotments are insured for public liability. We have an option for other insurance including sheds and stuff but it costs more!

    We joined NSALG which have there own insurance company ......Newspace I think?

    Might be worth googling NSALG for details!
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      All our buildings and Plant is covered by insurance we have PL for the site and insurance for committee members incase they get sued.

      But plot holders are liable for the insurance on their sheds and tools.
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        Our allotment association get our public liability insurance from SWCAA it costs £2 per person per year for 5 million cover we also get employers liability to.


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          I'm wondering if you could get an extension to your House insurance to cover your tools? You can get cover for belongings away from home - they may apply endorsements though, such as having to be in a locked shed or something.
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