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25 foot rows versus block planting - which is best


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  • 25 foot rows versus block planting - which is best

    I have a large allotment (see my www), and have at last tamed it - until the growing season starts off the weeds.

    Can anyone advise me which is the best method to grow their veg. (With the exception of sweet corn which of course needs to be grown in blocks)

    Last year I grew all my vegetables like the men do up the allotments. In long rows. Well mine were shorter only 25ft as I did mine north to south, the men a lot of them them other way and have 100ft rows in some cases.

    There must be some really seasoned gardeners that can give me advice. Often on seed packets it just tells you what to do, and not why you have too!

    Hand weeding the long rows of onions, parsnips, etc was hard work.

    I have a little mantis tiller that I want to use for weeding purposes this year where possible.

    So over to you - planting in rows, or block planting?

    Thank you in advance for your advice
    Planting vegetables in 25ft rows north south is best
    Planting vegetables in blocks is best

    The poll is expired.

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    We prefer block planting especially for crops which benefit from being covered with fleece, eg carrots (carrot fly) ,strawberries (birds and frost), lettuce(bunnies).It's also easier to select the right companion crop/flower to deter pests.
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      I have followed your blog with interest as I am sure you know. I particularly enjoy the antics of your chickens.

      The information on seed packets is only a guide and only you can decide if conditions are right, weather etc. when it is time to sow.
      Vegetables are very accommodating, there is usually time to re-sow if the first lot fail.

      I don't think there is any right or wrong way to set out your plot. Do what is easiest for you to manage. Divide your plot into beds/plots that you can handle for digging, planting, weeding etc. Just make sure you can get a wheel barrow between them.

      Good luck for the coming season.
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        Hi Lottie,

        A lot depends on the size of you freezer. A 100' row of peas is a lot of shelling! If you grow smaller rows you can do it little & often. If you grow on Raised beds (like Beryly does I think - excellent www by the way) you can block plant a little closer and get a highe yeild. Also, i've found mine at home easier to dig as you along go 4ft wide and can do half a bed in no time .... must do mine soon
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