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  • No dig potatoes

    Has anyone done no dig potatoes. Have only ever grown in pots but now have an allotment. Did you find them as successful as digging? What medium did you use to cover them? Thankyou so much

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    Hi Nikkinak, we're going into our sixth year growing spuds no-dig on the allotment.
    At first we tried part rotted leaves - had to be held down with chicken wire to stop them blowing away and the potatoes suffered more slug damage than usual.
    We also tried part rotted wood chips. Better than leaves but the chips are best rotted for a year before use.
    Now we make enough compost to spare on potato ridges so use that and find it works best. Better yields and less slug damage.

    The main thing is not to rotate your crop. Potatoes take a lot of mulch and whatever you use benefits from building up year on year (no point using loads of extra compost just to start afresh in a new bed the following year). We'd been growing in the same beds for four years (and keeping our mouths shut in case it all went horribly wrong) then found Charles Dowding had been doing the same for five or six years.

    Harvesting is easier than conventional digging but you still have to have a good rummage for the ones you've missed.
    Location ... Nottingham


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      That's fab. Thankyou. I've been watching Charles Dowding on youtube getting lots of tips. It's good to hear that other people have had success too. Will try with the compost then I think. Thankyou so much for your help, fingers crossed for a good potato harvest later in the year


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        I'm another no digger and as well as using compost I've also used fresh lawn clippings to earth up too, works a treat, just don't pile it too thickly.
        Nestled somewhere in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Good soil, strong winds and 4 Giant Puffballs!
        Always aim for the best result possible not the best possible result

        Forever indebted to Potstubsdustbins


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          That's great Peanut. I had seen that grass clippings can be used so that'll be handy to use some up from the garden. Thankyou so much


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            Couple of photos for interest Nikki - from 2019 and 2020, both times growing in rotted wood chips
            Click image for larger version

Name:	Spuds-2019.jpg
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ID:	2542854 Click image for larger version

Name:	2020.jpg
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ID:	2542855
            Location ... Nottingham


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              Brilliant, Mr Bones. And thanks for asking the question, Nikkinak. I shall follow suit.


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                Mr Bones, that looks like an incredible harvest. First lot went in today and used compost.
                Snoop Puss, good luck home grown potatoes are 👍


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