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  • Strawberries

    my two year old Strawberries have started to fruit again. Theybhave thrown no runners this year. Should I let the fruit remain and possibly rot as autumn progresses or should I remove them ?

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    If they are outside, they probably won't come to much, whilst the weather is warm you might just leave them a bit longer, mine have stopped flowering outside, but those in containers inside the greenhouse are still fruiting.
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      I noticed that my 2 year old plants have no runners either -but are in full flower again.

      My plan is to start covering them with fleece at night once the temperatures drop and keep any developing fruit off the soil.
      Once some of the fruit is set I may well deny access to pollinators by leaving the fleece on all the time and remove any other flowers - or cloche them over and see how they progress.

      Its just an experiment as it's very late in the season...but nothing ventured as they say!
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        Maybe they are a perpetual type. My perpetual are trying to make fruit too now and had virtually zero runners


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          Some of my perpetual strawberries are flowering and fruiting. I’ve brought them into the polytunnel. However pollination is poor and the fruits are misshapen. Still.....strawberries in October!!!
          thinking of bringing them out on better days to pollinate and then returning them to tunnel but it’s a bit of a workout.


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            For the first 2-3 years I was just shaking over the strawberries, but then I calmed down. I do not bother her to bear fruit when she does it. It seems to me that strawberries don't like overprotection. She sprouts herself when she needs to. Now I already have a large area with overgrown strawberries, I don't complain about the number of berries either. I don't even remember the name of the variety, I planted it in the first year when the house was bought. The only thing I do is remove the fruits and leaves that spoil. Well, I water it.


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