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    While in t aldi this morning I noticed they had fans for circulating the heat from wood burning stoves on sale 23 or there abouts, would it be worth spending that money (OHs) or not
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    I'm still using the one in this thread ^^^ Roitelet's had problems with hers.
    For 23, I'm tempted to buy another one as backup - or for the other side of the stove.


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      Only had problems with the Chinese one but they are sending me spare parts. I would go for one at 23 you haven't got much to loose. Mine were twice that and one almost off the scale, I've got three.They are WONDERFUL and really do make a huge difference to the heat distribution.
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        I've got one bought for me as a gift (not from Aldi, though). It does work at spreading the heat out. We even have a cat who waits for the fan to start spinning before he hops up onto the chair right in front of it. So he must reckon it's effective.
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