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    Dear Grspes
    Iíve missed you. Itís been a horrible year, and I now only have a balcony.... and a rather frustrated cat. Who has views on growing cat grass from grain not a pre mixed pack? Pathetic attempt to garden without a garden...

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    Hello BR - we've missed you too x Sorry you've had a horrid time, hope things improve for you - and your cat
    Can't help with your grass question but I think people grow it in seed trays? Is there a special type of grass for cats - not ordinary lawn seed.


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      Yep i hav e a patioed garden so grow it in trays for the cat and dogs to munch on . as vc says, in trays for me and sow it often, their forever munching it.


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        Commiserations on the bad year. Hope this one's better.

        As for the grass, some places even sell pre-sown trays. Add water and wait for it to grow. Cheaper to buy your own seed, but at least it would get you started and give you a tray if you don't already have one.
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          Welcome back BroadRipple, we have missed you. Sorry it's been a horrid year for you and hope things are getting better now.

          Cat grass seeds are usually wheat or barley seeds, grown as others have said, in a seed tray or pot, although my cats happily chewed on my spider plants till they were moved beyond reach.
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            Cat grass

            I have a tray of cat grass In Front of me....

            Click image for larger version

Name:	19818212-C864-4125-86B1-793B0B38FD3C.jpg
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            Itís just wheat seed. (Chicken food).
            Wilkinsonís bird food is predominantly wheat seed.

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              Thank you everyone...was wondering if wheat groats or pot barley would do...might try improvising. Now tell me, what would be your eg top ten pots if you could only have that many herbs/fruit etc?


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