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  • iTunes scam

    I know we're all alert to scammers who phone but thought I'd post this in case you have friends or relatives who may not be so worldly wise.

    HMRC warns on iTunes gift card scam - BBC News

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    There's scams everywhere. This tip off is from Moneysavingexpert.Click image for larger version

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    Facebook really pee me off as so many scams keep appearing on my timeline. Bitcoin trading and binary trading software ads appear regularly together with ads for miracle TV aerials and power saving devices that don't work.

    I do report them all but have no idea if that does anything. If it weren't for keeping in touch with relatives abroad I'd drop FB.
    Riddlesdown (S Croydon)


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      Yes, these scams are scary..... My Dad recently had a close shave by telephone cold call his wallet out and then had a coughing fit, was so out of breath that he couldn't give his card number over the phone. By the time the coughing had subsided he realised he shouldn't give his card details to someone who called him! Frightening.


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