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    Okay, lets have a vote on this one. Some 'experts' say water in the morning, its good for the plants. Others say no it's not, water in the evening! Still others say, don't water in the evening it encourages mildew! Others say don't water in the morning, because the sun can sear the leaves!

    Which one is best, PLEASE?

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    Could it depend on what it is you're watering? I know this is a pain, because potentially you're having to water different crops at different times of the day. However, I know that chilllis, peppers and basil, supposedly should not be watered in the evening due to the drop in temperature and them having sodden compost to sit in for several hours. Personally, as far as I'm concerned, I water when I can; when I'm working, I'm afraid I barely have time to open up the greenhouse and coldframe before leaving home, let alone watering everything; therefore the watering gets done in the evening. I'm currently off for 2 weeks, so when I open up in the morning, I give everything the once over and water if need be. But since I'm around all day, I can always water again later - which has been necessary these last couple of days as its been so hot.


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      I agree with Waffler. I'm limited by time so the best they get is when I'm available. This is generally in the early evening at about 6. I at least try to use sun warmed water from the water butt, rather than water directly from the mains suplly or well. I may try and rig up a 24 hour drip style system for some of the heaviest drinkers but for now I'll wait and see.


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        depends on what they are, greenhouse in the morning, the outside in the evening in a vain attempt to deter carrot fly etc


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          I water the greenhouse stuff in the morning,
          The only stuff that gets any water on the plot are seeds and transplants until they are established. Everything is mulched heavily - at least 6 inches - which means that the ground is generally moist under the mulch.
          In the past I used to water but found that if I was prevented for any reason the plants suffered.
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            I prefer to water early in the morning - purely because if I water in the evening I suffer from more slug damage as the have the conditions they like to wreak my crops!
            The weeks and the years are fine. It's the days I can't cope with!


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              I think most of us have to do it when we can.

              From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.


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                I'm having to water the greenhouse morning and evening at the moment. I do try to water the compost or soil rather than the leaves of the plants - this avoids the scorch problem. I try not to water outside plants unless I really have to - new transplants only if possible. Remember it is better to give a really good soaking occasionally then to water a little every day.


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