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    the missus hasn't been well of late and has chosen to go back to work while I stay at home with the little one and to pass the time I was thinking of selling plant plugs on ebay to pass the time, I'm not looking to have it to pay the bills, just something to keep me busy, do you think it's worth it?
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    I dont buy plugs, I prefer seeds, less postage costs and no damage. Perhaps it would be better to sell seeds? You could buy some in bulk, and grow some plants untill they flower and seed.



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      Only one real way to find out I guess, give it a go. I also dont buy plugs, everything is bought/swapped as seeds, but I know a lot of people must buy them as the GC's are always full of them.
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        I've got a feeling it's illegal to sell seeds, or certain seeds anyway. Flummery will know.
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          I sell my surplus plants on eBay ... it's a bit of a faff, queuing at the post office, wrapping them up etc, but it makes a few quid, which I then spend on new seeds.
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            I got the gardening bug at the wrong time of the year (last year) so bought plants on eBay. Cheap, cheerful, well-wrapped and efficient! I bought from three different sellers, and had excellent plants which I grew on myself.

            You won't make a fortune, but if you use recycled packaging (loads of wet newspaper round the roots) I think you'll make a few quid, and make many 'novice' gardeners happy!
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              Originally posted by Two_Sheds View Post
              I've got a feeling it's illegal to sell seeds, or certain seeds anyway. Flummery will know.
              Seeds have to be registered with the EU and they have to have had a lot of testing done on them to pass muster. for example, they must some true to type etc. Heritage seeds haven't been registered (usually - some companies are starting to do so) so they can't legally be sold. The registration costs around 2,000 I believe, plus 300 per pear thereafter to maintain the registration - so you can see why companies don't do it unless they know they'll sell a lot. I suspect this is another reason for so many F1 hybrids in catalogues - people will buy it because it's NEW! so they'll get their money back.

              I don't know the legalities of selling seeds on a small scale yourself, assuming they are registered varieties. I have given away packets of my self-saved heritage seeds in exchange for a small donation to our village's Britain in Bloom campaign!.
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                I sometimes buy plug plants, of different sizes, of

                1) herbacious (sp) perennials cos I can't wait for them to grow from seed - maybe a sea holly or a coneflower

                2) tender perennials, as above - bought some chocamocha chocolate cosmos & osteospermums (but be careful as some are 'copyrighted')

                3) 'hanging basket'/bedding plant annuals like fuschias, petunias, geraniums etc that need starting early that I don't have room or expertise to grow (I'm rubbish with fushcias!)

                When I've bought stuff from places like T&M or online garden centres their plugs come in those nifty plastic boxes, especially made for them. They're very good at keeping stuff safe.

                I've also bought 'general public' grown perennials off ebay, but am wary cos you don't know the size, health or quality - but if the price & p&p is reasonable I'll have a gamble.
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                  I've bought black bamboo, irises, primulas, ooooh loads of stuff off eBay. Always very happy to get a bargain.

                  That's what people want on eBay - a bargain. It won't make you rich.
                  All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.


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                    My mum buys loads, but never mail order only from garden centres (she must be made of money lol), but I only get them if they are the free offers from GW magazine.


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                      I've sold packets of seeds before on eBay. When you add on all of eBays charges and Paypals charges for receiving payment it certainly ain't very lucrative. The seeds I sold were from well known seed firms and I was basically a middle man.

                      I do think it's the 'oddities' where people just want a few plants that seem to sell the best...........even packaging home grown seed and describing it as such.

                      Plug plants would be easy to package methinks and sold in half dozens of rare varieties, could be a go'er!
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                        Originally posted by Snadger View Post
                        Plug plants would be easy to package
                        Yes, wrap in newspaper, then pop inside a pop bottles, and cover in brown paper. Works a treat.
                        All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.


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                          I've been offered those plastic blister packs you get plugs in, I would have to pay for them but as I have only a need for a small amount it won't cost alot. Thanks for the info, especially on the seeds!
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                            It's certainly worth a go, if you can get hold of the packaging. And GYO is definitely kicking off big style at the moment, I think you'd get takers for veg plants.
                            Good luck Herby. Although, I should warn you, looking after house and little one doesn't leave a huge amount of time for 'extras'

                            Hope your missus feels better for the change, she has my sympathies.


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