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  • Kids activities

    Was watching a short program about little activies for kids.
    Can't remember the name, perhaps someone can remind me.

    Anyway it remided me of two activities our kids did when young.

    1) When on hols we sometimes went to a pub beer garden. We always had books and crayons for the kids.
    If you buy a packet of pistachio nuts you get half shells.
    With felt pens the kids used to make families of beetles in many colours.
    Kept them happy for a while.

    2) If you have an old envelope, one with the little window, then you can make a theatre.
    A pair of scissors and some cardboard (beer mat) and you can cut out figures and put on a show.

    Simple I know but effective.

    Anyone want to offer other ideas?

    Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!

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    I used to make small dolls houses out of shoe or boot boxes , wallpaper, cardboard and sellotape.
    "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

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      I think in this day and age you have more chance winning the lottery than getting a kid to put their computer games down or leave facebook.
      If I'm not on here, I'm probably fishing.
      Gardening in the NE of Scotland


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        Those phones are the last thing to detach before death.
        I have seen someone drive a car into a kerb hard enough for it to travel around 10 to 15 yards on two wheels before flopping back down onto three wheels while the driver remained on the phone.
        That car had four wheels before it hit the kerb honest
        Near Worksop on heavy clay soil


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          The program was, see

          Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!


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