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  • Too much wood!

    When we moved in here we inherited a pallet-built fence that lasted approx 1 day before the wind took it down (allegedly it had lasted 30 years. Uh-huh.) and a rotting wooden shed, which we took a lump hammer to to make way for shinynew shed (had I known that in just over a year I'd have an allotment I'd have saved it - rotting shed's better than no shed).

    Sometime over the past year, I swear they've mated, and no matter how many evenings we spend out fuelling the incinerator, the pile just isn't getting any smaller - we still have 2 small hippo bags full.

    We had the brainwave the other day of hiring a wood-chipper and just chipping the lot of it. Some of it's been treated, and we don't know what with, none of it's in good condition (hence not using it for raised beds or anything like that), but we figure we have enough back-of-shed gaps that could use woodchips, where it won't matter if the wood's been treated with stuff. Basically, a hippo or two of woodchips'll be easier to deal with than a hippo or two of wood.

    Before we go ahead and do this - does anyone have any inspired ideas as to what else we could possibly do with that much shoddy wood?

    Person with the best suggestion wins a prize

    (the prize might be wood)

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    Paths? Freecycle?

    Find someone with a log fire - I am often to be found coverting other people's pallets!


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      I'm loathe to freecycle it, what with not knowing what treatments have been used on it. Wouldn't want to asphyxiate people


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        We use wood chippings on the paths in the veg garden. The beds are not quite raised, but surrounded with wooden edges so the chippings are separated from the growing area. If you did that it shouldn't pose a problem. They do compost down and settle and we have to top up every couple of years. So hang on to those chippings!
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          Chippings it is!
          (and it's looking like it might actually be more sensible to buy a garden shredder than to hire one. It's a hard life!)


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            Make bird boxes, or hedgehog hotels, bird feeders, bug houses, bird table, solitary bee gaff, a tool store.
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