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Disaster - no access to plots for "foreseeable future"


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  • Disaster - no access to plots for "foreseeable future"

    Ì think I've mentioned that I haven't had access to the plot for the past fortnight (missing 2 good weekends of work). OH had tried to plant the 2nd early spuds 2 weeks ago and was foiled by a broken lock, and the replacement lock(s) were also broken during the past 10 days.

    I have been on to the LA in the interim, but the last report was a new lock by yesterday. This morning, I rang to find out about getting keys, to be told "no access for at least 2 weeks" and letters went out yesterday saying "foreseeable future". I have spuds that NEED planting, a bag of onion sets to go in, a courgette that I was going to put in under fleece as it also needs planting, and I need to finish digging as I have plants growing at home which will fill the entire plot and will need planting in about 3-5 weeks.

    I was also hoping to get some cabbages for the weekend, and that my PSB would be ready to crop too (I haven't seen it in 3 weeks, so it could well be at this stage).


    I really REALLY hope I get access in 2 weeks time, as I will be taking some time off then while my thesis gets bound and I want to get stuck in then. I was ssssoooooo looking forward to that release after 2 long years doing this. I guess I should put the rest of my sowing plans on hold for a while.

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    how many plots on your site ?
    would it be possible to get a set of bolt croppers and a new lock and replace it yourself as that is all the LA will do, and as long as everyone gets a key then what's the problem.
    p.s good idea to get a policeman to witness the procedure.
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      More than 100 keys are required and they have asked that people "not try to access site". Unfortunately.

      The girl who deals with them was gone out to the site, but I might get to talk to her later today. If I can't get any satisfaction in the meantime, the second the thesis is gone for binding, I will stage a sit in in her office. It would be bad enough just in terms of the veggies and where they are at in the season, but my brain is so fried at the minute, I wanted serious chill out time up there. And tunnel vision is closing in on me at this stage (I even forgot to go food shopping at the weekend!) so can't concentrate on things non-thesis related for very long. So chasing her before then isn't really possible.

      Why they couldn't have sorted it in Jan/Feb I don't know!!


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        That's a poor do Winged One. You should all get a reduction in your rent at least. You have a contract with them and they've broken it by forbidding you access.
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          They were getting the legal dept to redo the contracts (as although sheds are banned, some newbies put them in anyway), so we haven't got our new contracts yet. I am presuming that the rent will then only commence once we get those (so a year from MAy rather than end Feb?!).

          But that's a good point to have in the back pocket when i start getting my wind up thanks Flum.

          Definintely going to do some study stuff now though.....


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            Seems an odd state of affairs going on there??


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              That's awful Wings, I'd be demented if I couldn't get onto my plot for 2 weeks!
              If you end up having to go mad with them, also mention compensation for spoiled veg seedlings & low yields from things not being planted on time.


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