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A quince and lots of Medlars..............


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  • A quince and lots of Medlars..............

    I'm really pleased that my quince has borne fruit this year; 1 large and one small fruit, they are starting to turn a lovely yellow.

    There's more

    I have loads of medlars too

    Question is what can I do with them. I had both types of trees when I lived in France many moons ago, so long ago I've forgotten what I did with the fruit. One thing I haven't forgotten is not to bite into a quince that will stay with me forever!!

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    A small amount of quince jelly? Or marmalade...

    And we have loads of medlars too, we will be asking one of the local restaurants if they want to buy them or making some medlar preserve...once they have bletted of course.


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      bletted............. is that when they look rotten after a frost? Can't remember!!


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        Indeed it is.


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          Curious. What happens if you bite into a quince? Also I've heard that if you put quinces in apple pies it enhances the flavour and they taste lovely. But I haven't tried this!
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