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Ed's tomato passata recipe


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  • Ed's tomato passata recipe

    Hi all,

    A few of you have said you heard us giving this recipe yesterday on Liza Tarbuck's radio 2 drive time show - but you were driving so couldn't write it down. Firstly, we're pleased to hear that! Secondly, here it is again:

    20 really ripe tomatoes
    2 onions
    A chilli pepper
    A good glug of nice olive oil
    Sea salt and cracked black pepper
    Mixed herbs, fresh or dried
    2 tbsp sugar
    2 tbsp parmesan

    Put your oven on a 180-200C
    While it's warming up, chop the tomatoes in half, and the onions and chilli into quarters and lay in a large baking tray or roasting tin. Drizzle with olive oil, season with salt, pepper and herbs, toss gently to incorporate and then bang in the oven for 30-40 mins.

    Once most of the moisture has evaporated, remove from the oven, place in a blender to puree, and then pass through a sieve to remove the skins and seeds. Pop in a pan, add the parmesan and sugar, boil gently for 5 mins to melt, and that's it! Delicious as a sauce for pasta, or for adding to soups and casseroles, and can be frozen in batches.

    Anyone else got a good recipe for passata? This is from the ed knowing an Italian family who made theirs using tinned toms, but she wanted to have a go at making a rich tom sauce using her own toms.

    Thanks, the GYO team

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    Thank you Lucy. I missed the programme so I'll listen again at some point. Recipe looks great, I'll have a go at that when/if I get any ripe tomatoes!
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      I'll keep my fingers crossed for lots of sunshine!!! (all a bit gloomy in Colchester today). Hope you enjoy the sauce, Scarey55,



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        Thanks for this. Great recipe!

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          Oh yum!!!!...that sounds delish...thanks for that Lucy!
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            I was just wondering what to do with a load of toms I just picked - I was going to do something similar, but shall give this a try tomorrow instead now!


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              My basic sauce is halved toms, fleur de sel sea salt, ground pink and lemon peppercorns, mixed herbs (dried), crushed garlic clove, bay leaf, balsamic sploshed on and drizzled olive oil on top - all in a bowl and oven roasted for 25 mins on 165 degrees c. Purée when cool in blender. Bag and freeze. On my sixth batch this morning with a freezer load already. Makes great Turkish Tomato soup and is my passata base for stews/sauces etc.
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