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    Right comeon, you grapes, what's your favourite way to use up the christmas leftovers? I want to know what to do with cold turkey/goose, stilton, cranberry sauce, christmas pud, stuffing etc. Any advice gratefully received!

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    I put the left over turkey, stuffing, bacon-from-on-the-turkey, roasties and a few sausage'n'bacon all boshed up with some white sauce and made into pies yesterday, and into the freezer.

    Didn't have christmas pud, so didn't include that.


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      Maybe I could start a new trend....?


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        I used all the leftover Christmas dinner veg, roast onions, boiled spuds, gravy, pigs in blankets, most of the stuffing and a load of turkey by chucking the whole lot in a casserole dish in the oven for a couple hours till it is bubbling happily - been doing this for a few years now and it is called Christmas casserole. Ate it with crusty bread and froze the rest. Spent yesterday making various curries and a huge pot of soup so everything will be frozen by the end of today.
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          Most things (savoury at least) do very well covered in cheese sauce and popped in the oven for an hour or so.

          You can fry left over Christmas Pud and serve with cream/custard. Very nice.
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            Sliced cold meat served with all the leftover veg made into bubble and squeak (mashed up with onions and fried or baked). Traditionally served on Boxing Day. My Dad always used to fry Xmas Pudding in butter and serve with cream or custard. Turkey carcase always ends up as curry, stew or soup. Stilton is great for cheese sauces if you can't manage to eat it as it is.


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              OK maybe a bit late now, but one of my favourite Xmas leftovers dishes is a ham and stilton gratin (courtesy of Good Food a number of years ago).

              basically layer of thinly sliced spuds, topped with some crumbled stilton, chopped ham, thyme leaves and pepper (no salt as cheese and ham provide enough). Keep going with layers until dish is full or all used up, ending with a layer of potato. Pour over some hot turkey stock, few little pieces of butter on the top, and pop into oven for about an hour. Absolutely delish.

              If anyone wants exact quantities, heats etc, I'll root out the mag. We have done this both as an accompaniment and as a supper on its own.


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       finished them yet????
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