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Tomato excess experiment


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  • Tomato excess experiment

    Has anyone done this,on reading about variouse ways of dealing with them,and being a bit busy and feeling lazy,have put some in the slow cooker,all i done was wash chop,crush with bare knuckes to release the water content,am going to see just how long it takes to reduce down,or indeed if it will,if all goes well,will freeze,would be a good way of making soup with other ingredients,my thoughts are,let it cook whilst i do other things,without having to stire the pot to stop burning,what are others thoughts,interested to hear if other have done this with just tomatos and nothing else,not even any extra liquid,i am hoping to get a puree once it's sieved
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    I do cook mine until it's nice and thick, but remove skins and pips from mine at the beginning. It takes longer but I prefer mine that way

    Let us know how you get on..


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      I fill a tray with cut up toms, garlic, herbs then drizzle with olive oil, this goes in the oven for 30-ish mins, usually when I'm cooking other things. The toms then get eaten on toast, for soup, added to stews or to make bolagnase. Really does smell good when it's cooking.


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        I do exactly the same LD. I put tomatoes (either my own, or from the shop when they're cheap, especially from the farm shop), garlic, herbs into the slow cooker and cook on high for a couple of hours, then I take the lid off for another hour or two, still on high. That way it reduces more. Some people put a towel under the lid, but that's too much of a fire risk to me.


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          In fact, I do this with onions too, when I get hold of loads of them. A few hours on high with just sliced onions and a knob of butter gives you caramelised onions that are to die for, for hotdogs, stews or as a side dish. I freeze that in plastic bags and they never last long.
          I want to try this method to make my own salsa, like the stuff you get with the ready kits for fajitas. So, next year I'm growing onions, tomatoes, peppers and chili to make it entirely home grown lol


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