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My gherkins have been salting for a week...


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  • My gherkins have been salting for a week...

    Last Monday I took our latest massive harvest of gherkins, washed and de-spined them, then covered them in salt in some tupperware intending to pickle them the next day.

    Then my week got crazy, and I didn't have time to do the pickling bit, so they've been sitting at the back of the fridge in their salt and tupperware for a week.

    What are my chances of salvaging them? Obviously I'll discard them if they are visibly manky, but other than that is there anyliklihood that they'll still be pickle-able?

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    I think a week is too long....obviously depends on how they look but they will have softened considerably even if they have been in the fridge. Salting takes out the water from the fruit. Even if they look ok as they’ve been salted for a long time they may have started to absorb the salt and taste salty? Personally I wouldn’t bother preserving them as any kind of preserving you should always start with perfect fruit/ veg.
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      No idea, could you ferment them like sauerkraut? Maybe look up 'wild fermentation'


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        Thanks for your replies! I haven't dared look at them yet, but it probably is better to just chuck them.

        I guess it's no great loss as glut doesn't begin to describe our gherkin situation!


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